tree service and removal st. louis and Edwarsville
tree service and removal st. louis and Edwarsville
tree service and removal st. louis and Edwarsville
tree service and removal st. louis and Edwarsville
Professional Tree Trimming & Removal, Topping, Landscaping, Stump Grinding, Light Hauling, Firewood, Scrap/Rubbish Removal, Rapid Response, *24Hr Emergency Service*, Free Estimates, Affordable Pricing, Certified Arborist, Senior Discounts, Fully Insured and Licensed  
*We had a very large oak tree that was very close to the house, and much of it was rotted through.
Richard and his crew did a great job of sweating it out, hardly taking a break until the job was done.
After seeing the job they had done for us on a previous occasion, we called them back for this
removal due to their professionalism and hard work. They did a great job at a reasonable cost.
Thank you. -J. McDurman, Lebanon IL. (See gallery pictures 143-134.)


*Our tree was very close to our house and very large. We were careful About who we chose to remove it.
We couldn't have made a better choice, Richard and his crew were very professional. Their work was not
only performed in a most careful fashion, but I had fogotten what hard worker's looked like!

Richards rates are extremely reasonable. These are fine, friendly, and above all, relentlessly
professional people. I highly recommend them to anyone. -K. Nance, Marine IL.
(See gallery pictures 133-122.)


*I spoke with several tree service businesses about estimates to take down a very large shingle
oak in my front yard. This was a tree that stood about 20 ft. from my front porch and had massive
branches that hung over both my house and my neighbor's home. Richard gave me an excellent bid on
the work and scheduled it promptly. He brought a hard-working crew and all the necessary equipment
to get the job done. His man in the bucket, Kelly, was excellent and dropped those big limbs right
where he wanted them. No damage to houses or trees/shrubs nearby. I would absolutely recommend
Richard's Tree Service to anyone who needs professional tree-trimming or tree removal work done.
Richard gave us exceptionally good service at a very reasonable cost.
Thanks again, Richard. -J. McFarlane, Alton IL.
(See gallery pictures 121-110.)


*Richards Tree Service recently did work for us and we were very satisfied. They were on
time and did a good job. I would recommend them for any future tree service jobs.
-Bruce L Moore, President Bruce Concrete Construction Inc. Pontoon Beach IL.
(See gallery pictures 109-90.)


*Richards Tree Service did a great job at taking down our very large tree. The crew showed up
at the agreed apon time and did all the work we had asked for. I would recommend Richards
Tree Service very highly. -A. McElroy, Collinsville IL.
(See gallery pictures 89-73.)


*We had four big trees, each with problems such as wind and lightning damage, and hollow trunks.
All were in the yard with many young Redbud and Dogwood trees that were in harms way of the big
trees being brought down, but were skillfully undamaged. Richards excellent tree climber and
ground support crew brought down all four trees in one day! We recommend Richards Tree
Service for the tough jobs. -H. Williams, Godfrey IL.
(See gallery pictures 63-72.)


*I appreciated Richards Following through with a timely estimate and phone calls as promised. He was also very
flexible in working around my schedule and allowing me to choose the day that would work best for me.
He and his crew were efficent, making short work out of an otherwise tuff job. -P. Westbrook Godfrey IL.
(See gallery pictures 62-53.)


* Richard's Tree Service is reliable and reasonable. We are grateful for their professional work standards
and their impressive performance. -Angela Barnes Executive Administrator for Bethany Place, Belleville IL.
(See gallery pictures 52-44.)


* I was very pleased with the service we received from Richards Tree Service. They responded quickly
when I had an emergency on a Sunday afternoon, having had a tree branch fall onto our power lines,
(and later removing the tree). I would not be afraid to recommend them to anyone.

Thank you for the prompt service. I appreciate that you were able to work so quickly when the power
company didn’t show up when they were supposed to. I would recommend you to someone in the future.
-M. Rutherford & R. Bliar, Edwardsville IL. (Neighbors working together, as we all should!)
(See gallery pictures 36-43.)


*You guys did a great job! That tree was way over the powerlines and I didn't think
anyone could have gotten it down without taking the lines out. Very professional
and a good clean up. -M. Schnider Collinsville IL.
(See gallery pictures 28-35.)


*Richard's Tree Service did an excellent job for me. They dropped a large Sycamore, that
was next to power lines, and a larger Cottonwood that was threatening my house.
They were efficient and capable. -S. Nuernberger MD. Collinsville IL.
(See gallery pictures 27-20.)


*I had a tree that was about 80ft tall that was splitting down the trunk do to damage from the ice storm, endangering
my house as well as the neighbors. The tree over hung the house about 20ft on one side, the main power lines in the
front, and the neighbors house on the other side. This tree was huge and I knew it had to come down before it split
all the way and crushed our houses, so I called Richards Tree Service. He came out right away and confirmed what I
had feared, this tree needed to come down soon or it was going to get someone killed. Richard and his crew were
able to safely remove the tree without damaging either of the houses or the power lines, and for that, they have
my thanks. I highly recommend Richards' to anyone, they did a great job. -B Heenke, Glen Carbon IL.
(See gallery pictures 19-13.)


* As a result of the devastating ice storm in December 2006 we lost a majority of our shade trees – including
three tall mature river birches. After the trees and branches were removed we were left with three large tree
stumps. We needed to plant a replacement tree or trees but where would we do the planting? An obvious choice
was where the river birches had been - so as to provide shade for the hostas that had been planted in the shade
of the original birches. We decided to have one stump ground out and to plant a tree in that spot – and we would
plant another tree mid-way between the two remaining stumps.

I contacted several local tree service specialists and chose Richard’s Tree Service to do the work. Richard
described the machine he would use and said that he would minimize damage to the planted bed around the stump.
He also said he would go as deep as possible so that we would be able to plant a sizable tree in the spot.

In mid-March Richard did what we had hoped. The tree stump was ground out and we have since planted a Forest Pansy
Redbud tree where the River Birch stump had been. There was minimal damage to the hostas – which at the time of the
stump removal were still below ground level – but have since leafed out and flowered.

At the end of May two 35 foot long locust tree branches broke as a result of earlier ice storm damage and then by the
weight of accumulated rain water on the mass of leaves on the branches. The branches, which grew about 40 feet up the
main tree trunk, did not crash to the ground but hung up like a hinge – directly above a planted border at the edge of
our woods and in close proximity to a tricolor beech and a smoke tree. We needed quick action as there was the danger
that the large limbs would break off and fall at anytime. But we also wanted to minimize damage to the garden. I
contacted Richard and the job was completed speedily and to our satisfaction. And again, the price was right!

If you have tree problems I would highly recommend calling Richard’s Tree Service to provide you with the solution.
I am glad we did. -Tony Wilbraham, Glen Carbon, IL. (Stop on the Garden Tour 2006)
(See gallery pictures 12-1.)


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